BSC SeaBuckthorn Oil Capsules (500mg x 90 capsules)

Three softgel capsules: 1500mg

Omega 3 – Alpha Linolenic acid: 359mg

Omega 6 – Linoleic acid: 154mg

Omega 7 – Palmitoleic acid: 228mg

Omega 9 – Oleic acid: 442mg

Ingredients: Pure sea buckthorn oil (50% fruit/50% seed oil); softgel capsules – gelatine, glycerine.

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David, our Director, has been taking sea buckthorn capsules every day for six years now and we don’t think we can keep his secret as to how he gets so much done each day to ourselves for much longer! We are therefore very excited to provide you with our BSC SeaBuckthorn Oil Capsules, using the best quality seed and fruit oil sourced from our Siberian partner and encapsulated by our German partner.

For centuries sea buckthorn berries have been recognised for their health benefits. Modern analysis has indicated there are 190 different nutrients. These appear as vitamins (A, B, C, E); essential fatty acids (omega 3,6,9) along with omega 7, which is only available in plant form in sea buckthorn and macadamia.

Vitamin C is often the headline nutrient described in sea buckthorn, found in European varieties at levels of 50 – 130 mg/100g. It is one of a number of nutrients that contributes to its natural anti-microbial nature, giving a sour taste to the berry when eaten fresh. Other nutrients include plant sterols; a wide range of polyphenols including flavonoids; betain; folate and carotenoids, including B-carotene. The benefits attributed to sea buckthorn are often not the result of any one particular nutrient but the synergy of multiple nutrients interacting together.

These nutrients are found within the oils in the fruit peel and pulp, with a different complex also found in the seed. The seed oil tends to be unstable and has a short shelf life, but when combined with the oil from the fruit it forms a stable oil blend, which is why we use both for our supplements.

Global Quality

In choosing where to source our capsules we considered our roots in sea buckthorn itself. We have been growing sea buckthorn on our Essex coastal farm since 2009. 4000 of our plants came from Siberia, supplied by our partners at the Lisavenko Research Institute in Barnaul. Importantly Siberia is a clean environment untainted by industrial pollution. Our sea buckthorn oil therefore comes from Siberia and is encapsulated by a German company that we have known since 2010. They provide us with the best quality product that is compliant to EU regulations, that guarantees the consumer protection that we value.

Please note that the bottle comes with 90 capsules in each bottle. We believe that consuming three capsules a day will give you the best results. We suggest that capsules are taken at mealtimes, but as with all food supplements our sea buckthorn capsules do not and should not be accepted as being a substitute for a varied and balance diet, or for a healthy lifestyle. They should always be stored out of the reach of children and kept in a cool environment away from sunlight.

As natural sea buckthorn oil our capsules do not contain allergens (wheat, yeast, gluten, soya, fish, milk, corn, starch, pork product, lactose), or sulphites as the oil is derived from fresh, not dried berry. We regret that they are not suitable for vegetarians due to the gelatin in the capsule.