BSC Equine

BSC SeaBuckthorn for Horses

Our original natural digestive supplement for horses. The latin for Sea Buckthorn is Hippophae (Rhamnoides being the principal European subspecies) which literally means ‘shiny horse’. This got us thinking and led us to creating this product for the equine world. As a natural product, BSC SeaBuckthorn for horses aids general immunity and rejuvenates your horse’s skin and coat. It is available to buy from Nupafeed UK and Horse Requisites, Newmarket.

BSC Gastro

Targeted for equine gastric support, BSC Gastro has been specially created with your horse’s digestion in mind and is intended as a long term solution to support their stomach. Strenuous exercise and travel, amongst other activities results in stress which has an impact on digestion. We have based this product on our original BSC SeaBuckthorn for Horses product but added a number of other plants extracts known to aid digestion, including liquorice root and grape seed. Further, we have increased the concentration of pulp and seed oils to boost the content of Omega 3 and Omega 7. Available through Nupafeed UK.