Our Partners

We work with an extensive network of partners around the world to make sure that we are at the forefront of the sea buckthorn world. This means that we can seek out the best sea buckthorn for our products, working with partners who we know and trust.

NIG MagdeburgThe NIG Food Engineering GmbH was established in March 1991 as an engineering and research firm specialising in processing fruits and vegetables and in renewable resources. The founders of the company were employees of the former research institute for fruit and vegetable processing in Magdeburg and have extensive experience in the fields of processing development, engineering, product development, analysis and quality assurance. NIG are our principal partner in Germany, process our European berries and work with us on securing a high quality supply chain. 

Wilkin and Sons, Tiptree – Wilkin and Sons of Tiptree Fruit have been growing sea buckthorn since 2011, having sourced their plants from the British Seabuckthorn Company. We have advised them with regards to crop agronomy.

Cornish Seaberry – Nuffield scholar Seth Pascoe is working to establish sea buckthorn in Cornwall. UKSA member.

Scottish Sea Buckthorn Common Interest Group – The group comprises of six companies that Queen Margaret University has worked with or are currently in discussions with. It was recognised that these companies, although working in different areas of the Scottish Food & Drink industry, had a common interest in developing new products using sea buckthorn as a key ingredient. BSC is working with the Common Interest Group through UKSA to develop awareness of sea buckthorn in the UK.

International Sea Buckthorn Association (ISA) – The International Sea Buckthorn Association (ISA) was established by more than 60 representatives from China, India, Canada and other countries in 1999 and an International Symposium on Sea Buckthorn was subsequently held in India. BSC has attended ISA conferences throughout the world and actively engages with other members through its membership.

United Kingdom Sea Buckthorn Association (UKSA) – BSC is a founding member of the UK Sea Buckthorn Association, an organisation that aims to promote the research and development of sea buckthorn in the UK.

German Society for Sea Buckthorn – BSC is a member of the German Sea Buckthorn Association.

Kordes JungpflanzenA key partner in Germany. Kordes supplied us with our German sea buckthorn plants, now calling Devereux Farm home.

The Lisavenko Research and Development Institute of Horticulture for Siberia – The leading international experts of breeding sea buckthorn. Lisavenko have supplied all of our Siberian varieties grown at Devereux Farm through a collaborative agreement between the Institute and InCrops Enterprise Hub, based at the University of East Anglia.

InCrops Enterprise Hub – Based at the University of East Anglia, InCrops has worked with businesses across the East of England to facilitate the development of high-value products from new and alternative crops, including sea buckthorn.

Mind, Body and Soil – BSC is working with soil scientist Simon Parfey of Mind, Body and Soil to optimise best practice agronomy for sea buckthorn in the UK.

Nupafeed – Nupafeed is a specialist equine company that sells our BSC Seabuckthorn horse supplement product and our BSC Gastro product for horses.

Horse Requisites – Based in Newmarket, a major hub for the horse racing world, Horse Requisites has been providing customers with equine products for 45 years.